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Welcome to MCCPS | Our Mission

Our mission at MCCPS is to be a school that fosters a community that empowers children to become capable, self-determining, fully engaged individuals who are critical and creative thinkers committed to achieving their highest intellectual, artistic, social, emotional, and physical potential. We are dedicated to involving, learning from, participating in, and serving our school community and the community at large.

An educational experience to prepare students for life

Since 1995, MCCPS has been an innovative school serving students in grades 4-8. MCCPS is designed to support each student’s maximum individual growth in order to continue successfully on their educational path, in particular preparing them for high school and beyond.

During Grades 4 & 5 - our teachers work to strengthen the foundational skills students will need to be successful as they progress through our school. We explicitly teach students how to be a student here at MCCPS. This includes learning new technology, public speaking skills, and how to successfully work as a team to solve problems and produce high-quality projects and presentations of learning.  As students progress through Grades 6-7-8 they have the privilege of enjoying increased autonomy and a stronger voice in shaping their learning paths, including the opportunity for accelerated math instruction.