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Introducing Our New Head of School

Message from the MCCPS Board of Trustees

MCCPS Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephanie Brant as the new Head of School. Stephanie has been interim Head of School for the past eleven months and in this time has done an exceptional job leading our school community.

Her collaborative leadership approach has fostered a strong sense of teamwork among staff, students, and parents alike and has positioned the school for success moving forward. In addition to her collaborative nature, Stephanie is known for her fairness in decision-making, ensuring equitable opportunities for all students. She believes in an open-door policy, encouraging open communication and fostering a supportive environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued. She prioritizes project-based learning, celebrates our diversity and embraces community outreach.

Most importantly, she makes sure every child who walks through the door feels seen and valued. Our students and staff are more engaged and excited than ever about teaching and learning. Stephanie focuses on upholding academic rigor and equity for all students. She has implemented innovative solutions to raise the bar for student achievement. Her passion for excellence will continue driving our school to new heights.

Please join us in congratulating Stephanie on her appointment as the new Head of School at MCCPS. Her love for our students, staff, and community is evident each day. We are confident that under her leadership, our school will continue to flourish and provide an outstanding educational experience for all students.

More about Stephanie

Stephanie Brant joined the MCCPS community as the school's Dean of Students in August of 2022 and subsequently assumed Assistant Head of School in February of 2023. In March of 2023, she was appointed interim Head of School.

Prior to joining MCCPS, Stephanie worked for 17 years in the field of child welfare for the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office as the Clinical Director of the Child Protection Unit. Driven by her passion for making a positive impact on children's lives, she embarked on a career in public education, finding her calling at Chelsea Public Schools where she served as a middle school program coach, district liaison for social, emotional, and behavioral intervention, and out-of-district coordinator. She continued her educational journey with roles at Shore Educational Collaborative as the school’s middle and high school Educational Coordinator, and later as a special education administrator for Salem Public Schools. While employed full-time, she has held dual roles as a per diem mental health clinician and a board member at the Middlesex Children's Advocacy Center.

Stephanie is a graduate of Simmons University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and a Master’s in Social Work. She completed advanced graduate programs at Boston University in Trauma Studies and at UMass Lowell in Behavioral Intervention in Autism. Stephanie is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and additionally holds licensure with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as a School Counselor/School Adjustment Counselor, Special Education Administrator, and School Superintendent.