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Learning @ MCCPS


Learning at the Marblehead Community Charter Public School is rooted in Project-based learning. Projects are the way students develop and demonstrate their learning. We know a student has fully mastered something when they can apply that understanding in authentic projects and can teach others about it.

We share our projects and learning during the Exhibitions of Student Learning. During our exhibitions, students present to the community and receive feedback from friends, family, and visitors. This sharing of student learning is essential since it reinforces the idea that these projects have value beyond the classroom.

MCCPS Criteria for Excellence

To help guide our learning and projects, teachers created a set of critical skills and understandings that we want students to demonstrate at Marblehead Charter. We call these skills and understandings the Criteria for Excellence. Using these Criteria, teachers align their units, projects, and assessment to these skills. Then students produce connected work and evaluate their progress of these Criteria over their five years at Marblehead Charter. It is another way for us to emphasize that learning isn’t just a moment-to-moment event but something that students cultivate over the years. You can read more about MCCPS Criteria for Excellence here.

Essential Habits

Another vital part of our program is our Essential Habits. These are habits we expect our community members to develop and demonstrate at Marblehead Charter. We integrate these habits into our work in the classroom and our daily lives. Our Essential Habits are as follows:

  • Perseverance: I am responsible for my actions and the quality of my work. I demonstrate sustained effort despite challenges.
  • Initiative: I identify a challenge or need, create a plan, and take action.
  • Leadership: I listen to the ideas of others, make good choices, and lead by example.
  • Problem-solving: I identify and understand a problem, consider the best strategy, apply it, and evaluate the solution.
  • Integrity: I am honest and trustworthy. I treat people kindly.