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Language Studies

Foundations of Language

All students in grades in grade 4 & 5 participate weekly in Foundations of Language. This class helps equip students with the necessary skills to enhance their overall language proficiency and develop the tools needed for test preparation. Students will work to build a strong foundation in vocabulary development, comprehension, and the ability to decipher complex words. Through engaging activities including instruction in world cultures, students will expand their language abilities. These skills will serve as a solid foundation for future language and academic endeavors, including Spanish language instruction.


Throughout the four-year program, students engage in a comprehensive study of Spanish. In grades 5, 6, and 7, the language is explored twice a week, while in 8th grade, students have the opportunity to enjoy four classes per week. The approach followed emphasizes effective communication and the establishment of a strong grammatical foundation. In this non-immersion setting, a solid understanding of grammar enables students to confidently express themselves in both written and oral forms.

The curriculum aims to deliver an engaging and interactive learning experience, capturing students' interest in Spanish while providing them with the necessary academic groundwork for success in high school. By incorporating cultural immersion, students are exposed to the diversity of the world, expanding their perspectives and nurturing a deep appreciation for different cultures.

In the classroom, Spanish takes the forefront, supported by visual aids and body language cues that reinforce instruction. Active attention and focus play a pivotal role in making the most of this immersive environment, where students are entrusted with the dual roles of observer and participant.

Above all, the primary goal of the Spanish program is to foster a genuine passion for language and culture within students. By creating a nurturing and dynamic environment, their language learning journey becomes a lifelong pursuit, fueled by love, curiosity, and enthusiasm.

Students will go through a gradual progression of language learning as they move through different grade levels. At each stage, students will experience a well-structured curriculum that progressively builds upon their language skills, ultimately preparing them for a successful future in Spanish language acquisition.

 5th Grade:

  •   Building basic sentences and understanding the role and function of words within a  sentence.
  •   Discovering the rhythm and flow of the language.
  •  Learning greetings and engaging in simple conversations with classmates.
  •  Describing their immediate environment, such as their house, family, and people (physical description and clothing).

6th Grade:

  • Developing the ability to ask basic questions.
  • Expressing preferences, dislikes, and wants.
  • Talking about themselves, friends, teachers, and school in more detail.
  • Exploring verb conjugation to expand their range of actions.
  •  Learning about the rich cultural diversity found in various Spanish-speaking countries.

7th Grade:

  •   Discussing hobbies and favorite activities.
  •   Expressing emotions and likes/dislikes.
  •   Describing favorite foods.
  •   Giving and receiving advice and instructions.
  •   Learning how to ask for directions and navigate Spanish-speaking countries.

8th Grade:

  •   Preparation for high school is a key focus.
  •   Enhancing communication and comprehension skills.
  • Engaging at a more accelerated pace with four classes per week.
  •  Reviewing past units covered at MCCPS.
  • Exploring new, advanced grammar and vocabulary topics.