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Lauren Donadio RN, MCCPS School Nurse, Health Teacher, and COVID-19 Liaison

Phone: 781-631-0777
Office Hours:  Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm

Visit the Virtual Nurse’s Office:

Here you will find links, videos, and documents to help answer some of your important health questions.

CLICK HERE to Visit Nurse Donadio's Virtual Nurse's Office 

To Contact Nurse Donadio by phone:

  • I can also answer questions by email or phone. I am so happy to connect with you as we work toward a healthy and safe school year!

Welcome Letter from Nurse Donadio 2020-2021

COVID-19 Resources

MCCPS COVID-19 Return To School Protocols

These checklists are for families to use each day to determine if it is safe to send their student to school:

Daily Student Checklist

Illustrated Student Checklist


Slides about COVID-19


All students and staff must inform COVID-19 Liaison if they are getting a COVID-19 test. The COVID-19 Testing Form must be completed before return to the building if an individual gets a COVID-19 test for the following reasons:
1. The student/staff experiences COVID-19 symptoms
2. A close contact of the student/staff experiences COVID-19 symptoms
3. A close contact of the student/staff tests positive for COVID-19
*COVID-19 test result must be attached to the form or sent directly to COVID-19 Liaison via email. Students and staff must stay home while waiting for COVID-19 test results.

Download Student Health Forms 2020-2021
Student Contact & Health Information Form
Physician Medication Order
Asthma Action Plan Form
Family FAQ Sheet Flu -Vaccine Requirement
Vaccine Exemption Form