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Health & Wellness


The MCCPS Fitness, Health, and Wellness curriculum is a collaborative joint effort to infuse healthy habits and skills into every lesson and student encounter by the FHW teaching team. This team consists of Physical Educator and Coach Tyler Kelleher, Nurse John Purdy, Guidance Counselor Sarah Biltcliffe and School Psychologist Melissa DeLeo. Traditional physical education classes are supplemented with targeted presentations about timely health topics including illness prevention, safety, social emotional development, stress reducing techniques, maintaining healthy relationships, and accessing valid health information.

Specific grade levels will engage in lessons during Fitness class on the following units:

Health and Wellness Criteria for Success


  • Identify responsible health behaviors
  • Name personal health needs
  • Compare behaviors that are safe to those that are risky or harmful
  • Demonstrate strategies to improve and maintain health
  • Develop injury prevention and management strategies
  • Demonstrate ways to avoid risky situations
  • Apply skills to manage stress

Interpersonal Communication

  • Demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrate healthy ways to express needs and feelings
  • Show ways to communicate care, consideration, and respect of self and others
  • Use communication skills to build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Demonstrate refusal, negotiation, and collaboration skills for healthy conflict management

Accessing Information

  • Evaluate the validity of health information, products, and services
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize valid health resources
  • Analyze how media influences behaviors and beliefs about healthy choices
  • Access school and community health services for self and others

Decision-making and Goal Setting

  • Demonstrate the ability to use various strategies when making health related decisions
  • Analyze how health related decisions are influenced by outside sources
  • Predict how health related decisions affect self and others
  • Implement strategies and skills needed to attain personal and community health goals
  • Evaluate progress toward achieving personal and community health goals

Health Advocacy

  • Express information and opinions about health issues
  • Use strategies to overcome barriers when communicating ideas, feelings, and opinions about health issues
  • Support others in making positive health choices
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of communication methods for expressing health information