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Health Education

Health and Wellness Criteria for Success


  • Identify responsible health behaviors
  • Name personal health needs
  • Compare behaviors that are safe to those that are risky or harmful
  • Demonstrate strategies to improve and maintain health
  • Develop injury prevention and management strategies
  • Demonstrate ways to avoid risky situations
  • Apply skills to manage stress

Interpersonal Communication:

  • Demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrate healthy ways to express needs and feelings
  • Show ways to communicate care, consideration, and respect of self and others
  • Use communication skills to build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Demonstrate refusal, negotiation, and collaboration skills for healthy conflict management

Accessing Information:

  • Evaluate the validity of health information, products, and services
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize valid health resources
  • Analyze how media influences behaviors and beliefs about healthy choices
  • Access school and community health services for self and others

Decision-making and Goal Setting:

  • Demonstrate the ability to use various strategies when making health related decisions
  • Analyze how health related decisions are influenced by outside sources
  • Predict how health related decisions affect self and others
  • Implement strategies and skills needed to attain personal and community health goals
  • Evaluate progress toward achieving personal and community health goals 

Health Advocacy:

  • Express information and opinions about health issues
  • Use strategies to overcome barriers when communicating ideas, feelings, and opinions about health issues
  • Support others in making positive health choices
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of communication methods for expressing health information