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Grades 6-7-8


The Upper School grades build upon the solid foundation laid in the Lower School, fostering a seamless transition for our students. As students progress through the Upper School, they have the privilege of enjoying increased autonomy and a stronger voice in shaping their learning paths, including the opportunity for accelerated math instruction. We encourage our students to explore their passions and take ownership of their education. Part of our commitment to holistic learning involves the cultivation of leadership skills and a sense of responsibility towards the community. In the Upper School, our students have a wonderful opportunity to mentor younger students, fostering a culture of collaboration and support within our school.

We understand that learning extends beyond the confines of the classroom and place great emphasis on providing unique and immersive experiences through project-based learning, community service learning, and community building adventures.  These real-world experiences complement the curriculum and empower students to apply their knowledge in practical, meaningful ways.