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Giving Tuesday


While MCCPS is a public school and does receive a per-student allocation from the state as a Charter school, the funding is capped and does not provide enough to support the full programming, operations, and services needed to run the school. MCCPS is responsible for the costs that are not incurred by regular (district) public schools, such as enrichment, snow and waste removal, maintenance and renovations, the mortgage of the building, and health insurance for employees. As a result, the MCCPS Development Committee and the PTO organize and coordinate various fundraisers throughout the year to bridge this funding gap.

By law, charter schools are public schools that are tuition-free and must be open to all students. Admission is determined by random lottery; there are no entrance exams or admissions requirements. Charter public schools are managed by public boards of trustees and follow the same laws and rules as district public schools.