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MCCPS Annual Fund

The Annual Fund enhances the existing programs at MCCPS and is a vital resource that helps us provide our students with opportunities beyond the curriculum, such as guest speakers, performances, and artist visits to our school. These enriching experiences broaden horizons, inspire creativity, and expose our students to a diverse range of perspectives.

Participation in the Annual Fund is voluntary. A donation of any amount is a valuable contribution towards fostering a strong sense of community and collective responsibility that ensures the continued success of our students and the growth of our school. In the past, proceeds from the Annual Fund have funded field trips, covered costs for participation in Project Adventure, provided scholarship opportunities for overnight trips such as Nature’s Classroom and offset costs to destinations such as Washington D.C. These experiences have proven invaluable in expanding horizons, nurturing curiosity, and building lasting memories for our students.

By contributing to the Annual Fund, you directly support MCCPS in providing these exceptional opportunities for our students. Your contributions enable us to continue offering a comprehensive and diverse education, fostering an environment of growth, exploration, and creativity. Together, we can make a significant impact on the education and lives of our students. Please consider participating in this year's Annual Fund by contributing in any of the following ways, or you may contact our school business manager Jeff Barry at

Fund a Need

Our 2023-2024 Fund A Need campaign will be focused on the purchase of a much-needed passenger van for our school. With the addition of a school van, we will significantly increase our ability to transport students, allowing them to participate in an increased number of community service and volunteer initiatives and expand our project-based learning opportunities. These experiences are essential to the foundations of an MCCPS education, fostering civic engagement and critical thinking skills.

Additionally, a school van will enable transportation to athletic events, ensuring that our students can represent our school with pride.

Your contribution to our Fund a Need campaign will directly impact our students' educational journey, empowering them to explore their passions and cultivate a true sense of community. Together, we can provide them with expanded learning opportunities.


In addition, both the Development & Communications Committee and the PTO regularly host events to raise money for the school.  You can also contribute your time by volunteering at the school through committee work, or PTO activities.

Join us in our mission!  Every donation brings us closer to our goal and to a better educational experience for our students.