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Enrichment Program


PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID19, the start of our full enrichment program will be delayed. Some after school clubs including Jazz Band and Chorus have begun.

Enrichment is an exciting and intrinsic element of the educational experience at Marblehead Charter. The Enrichment Program is a part of what makes our school unique and special.  The program provides a daily opportunity for parents and community members to extend students’ learning scope by working with them on a wide variety of projects and activities. From MakerSpace to knitting, team sports to cooking, and chess club to jazz band, there is something for everyone.  As the last class of the day, Most Enrichments are: 2:30-3:15pm, however some extend if necessary (i.e. sports and The Play production).

Enrichment was established during the school’s first year to honor our mission enabling parents and community members to take an active role in the learning environment of the school while students learn directly from the extended community.  Since then, Enrichment has grown to become an integral component of the school’s core commitment to parent and community partnerships.  Working cohesively with other members of the school and community, the students learn about themselves, while nurturing their skills and talents. These Community partnerships foster and maintain a healthy school community and enhance student engagement. The diversity of the Enrichment Program provides many opportunities, including leadership and we encourage and empower students to become leaders and positive role models!

You can make a difference! If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting program please contact: Beth Taranto Enrichment Coordinator