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MCCPS Funding Raising FAQs

MCCPS Funding Raising FAQs

Q: Why does the Marblehead Community Charter Public School Need to Fund Raise?

A: While the MCCPS is a public school and does receive an allocation from the State as a Charter Public School, this per pupil expenditure along (PPE) does not provide enough funding to support the full programming, operations, and services needed to run the school. Additionally, MCCPS is responsible for the costs that are not incurred by regular (district) public schools. Examples of these expenses include Enrichment and other educational programs, snow and waste removal, maintenance and renovations, the mortgage of the building, and health insurance for our employees. Our State funding is capped and we are not allowed to ask for an override. This means additional funds must be secured through fundraising.

Q. How can I support the school’s fund raising goals?

You can contribute to the General Donation Fund or Fund a Need which targets key priority needs for the school (e.g new school signs and a van to help transport students for field trips and athletics events).  In addition, both the Development & Communications Committee and the PTO regularly host events to raise money for the school.  You can also contribute your time by volunteering at the school through committee work, or PTO activities.

Q. What is the Development & Communication Committee of the Board?

A: MCCPS is governed by a Board of Trustees. One of the primary responsibilities of the Board of Trustees is to ensure the financial visibility of the school. In recognition of this responsibility, the Board created a Development Committee of the Board that is charged with facilitating the fundraising and development efforts of the school. The committee includes representation from all of the school’s fundraising partners, and it will report directly to the Board of Trustees. The Development Committee will support the Director of School Advancement in planning the annual fund campaign, creating a calendar of fundraising events, and will communicate regularly with all fundraising partners in order to avoid conflicts and or duplicating efforts. The Development Committee will participate actively in the fundraising of the school. The Development Committee will ensure that all fundraising efforts are coordinated, sanctioned and supported.

Q: Will the efforts of the PTO differ from those of the Development Committee?

A: Yes. Although the PTO and the Development Committee will both solicit donations from parents, the Development Committee, via the annual fund and other fundraising efforts, will seek to cultivate prospective donors beyond the school’s parent body. Alums, grandparents, businesses and community members who support quality education will be approached and cultivated. The Development Committee will embody a professional, broad, long-term and visionary approach to fundraising. The PTO will primarily run school based activities and events for currently enrolled students and their parents. Their fundraising approach will be more grass roots in nature. The Development Committee with the Director of School Advancement will carefully consider the donors being targeted by each effort in order to avoid duplication or confusion.