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COVID19 Vaccine Info

Please complete the form if your child has already been vaccinated

Here is the information about the COVID19 vaccine. We encourage you to have your child vaccinated to protect themselves, your family, and our school community. Please speak to your child’s doctor about their plans to administer the vaccine and get any questions you may have answered. The vaccine is our pathway to a post-pandemic world.
COVID19 Student Cases  Staff Cases 
Week of January 12-19, 2022


Cumulative Cases Since September 1, 2021 43


If you and your child's doctor decide to have your child vaccinated against COVID-19, please let the School Nurse know by filling out the Student COVID Vaccine Report Form once your child has received all recommended doses of the COVID vaccine. This data will be used to determine when/if we have 80% of our community fully vaccinated to allow us to reevaluate our current COVID policies and protocols. Please feel free to contact the School Nurse if you have any questions or concerns.
COVID Vaccination Students Staff Total
# 97 50 147
% 43% 100% 53%