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MCCPS Board Committees

The MCCPS Board of Trustees has a number of oversight and focused committees to advance the schools strategic goals. These are listed below. If you would like to participate in any of the working groups, please reach out to the listed chair below.

In addition, a full list of MCCPS Committee meetings, minutes and agendas can also be found HERE.


The Governance Committee's key responsibilities include the regular review of MCCPS By-Laws and Charter, review and consideration of critical skills and expertise to ensure strong and diverse board perspectives, identification and recruitment of new board members and training and development of all board members in alignment with state policies and guidelines.

  • Chair: Polly Titcomb*
  • Nick Santoro*
  • Jeff Lewis*
  • Elizabeth Burns


  • Chair: Katie Holt*
  • Carol McEnaney*
  • Kathy Santoro*
  • Katie Sullivan
  • Jen Stoddard
  • John Steinberg
  • Stephanie Brant (HoS)


The Finance Committee (FinCom) works closely with the Head of School and Finance Director to define and appropriate the budget for the school year, monitor monthly financials, annual audit, and discuss/recommend proper uses of funds for the good operations of the school. FinCom's mission is to maximize the school’s revenue that is spent in the classroom.

  • Chair: Paul Baker*
  • Rodolphe Herve*
  • Katie Holt (MCCP Board Chair)*
  • Lindsay Smith*
  • William Rockwell*
  • Jeff Barry
  • Julie Santosus
  • Molly Teets
  • Stephanie Brant (HoS)

Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence Committee's primary role is to ensure that the Head of School and the Board share a common vision of what academic excellence means and measure the academic results of the school. The Academic Excellence committee looks at student performance on state tests and national standardized tests, as well as metrics such as attendance, staff and student retention, and satisfaction surveys, and measures performance against the goals set in our Charter, our accountability plan, and by the Head of School.

  • Chair: Jessica Xiarhos*
  • Meghan Hale
  • Molly Wright
  • Ellen Lodgen
  • Kim Sullivan
  • Dizzy Burns
  • Stephanie Brant (HoS)

Development & Communications

The Development & Communications Commitee's (DEVCOM) principal focus is to advance the MCCPS brand in the local community and help support  recruitment of new students to the school. DEVCOM also works to support non-grant fundraising that contributes to the school's overarching goals and mission.

  • Chair: Kimberly Nothnagel*
  • Lindsay Smith*
  • Anna Loretan
  • Emeline Walker
  • Meg Upton
  • Stephanie Brant (HoS)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We celebrate diversity and value belonging at Charter, so we are proud to present our first DEI committee.  'Community' is in our name and we commit to being inclusive in every sense.  Our goal as we build out this group is to gather a diverse group of families, staff, and administrators to listen and learn what we are doing well and what we need to do better to be an equitable place for everyone.

  • Chair: Lindsay Smith*
  • Paul Baker*
  • Christina Webber
  • Ethan Bassoff
  • Ryan Milligan
  • Emily Walger
  • Chris Doyon
  • Emma Kim  Milligan
  • Stephanie Brant (HoS)

*Denotes is a member of the MCCPS Board of Trustees